The 18th Week: Bundt Cakes, Maternity Clothes, Registry, and Pizza!

Well, I am 18 weeks today, and this past week really wasn’t too exciting, in terms of pregnancy related things! Still no kicks from the baby, but I am hoping they will start coming soon!!  In this post I will share all of the things that took place during this past week. It is so hard to believe that I am 18 weeks today!! I am truly loving pregnancy, and have zero complaints!!! I am just dreaming of the day I will get to hold our sweet baby and look him in the eyes. I just can’t wait. It feels like it’s forever away, but I know these next weeks will just fly by. I’ve made no progress on the nursery, which is unfortunate, but hopefully we can do a little bit here and there and knock it our before the 3rd trimester arrives; That’s the goal!

I started out my 17th week with an awesome walk with my mom. We love walking together, and we try to do it as much as possible. We are soooo glad it’s starting to get warm!!
We made some Trader Joe’s Teriyaki Chicken for dinner….Man, that stuff is so good! I need to stock up next time I go!! If you haven’t tried this before, you are truly missing out!
I mentioned in my last post that we were given Nothing Bundt Cake coupons on work, and I got to use it this weekend!! I ran in Friday after work and got Jared and myself each a treat. That place is just too cute. I think I would like to work there!  
 We each got the chocolate chocolate chip cake, and it was delish! I can’t get over how moist those things are!!  We had a busy day on Saturday! We started the morning by meeting with our CPA to knock out our taxes [YAY]. Once we had finished that, we stopped by Starbucks for some coffee and breakfast. We shared a slice of warm banana bread and each had a warm drink. I ordered my go to – Tall nonfat vanilla latte! So good!
  BabyRegistry-2 BabyRegistry-1 BabyRegistry-3 BabyRegistry-4 BabyRegistry-5 BabyRegistry-6AH! Something SO amazing happened this week. See the watch I’m wearing?? Well, Jared gave me that watch on my 21st birthday, and it was favorite present of all time. I just love love love this watch! But, sometime around August of 2015, the watch went missing. I seriously thought someone stole it, or that I had left it somewhere. I didn’t think I would ever see this pretty thing again!! BUT, the other night, Jared couldn’t find his cell phone, so he was searching frantically through the entire house. That’s when he discovered my watch deep in the couch! WHAT!!!! The couch!?!?! How had we not looked there before?? I was so shocked when he told me! I’ve worn it every day since. I have missed you, my sweet golden Michael Kors watch.
BabyRegistry-7 I’m wearing my latest Rocks Box obsession in this picture! If you missed my post about this necklace and Rocks Box, you can read it here. Don’t forget, you can sign up for a free month of Rocks Box by using the code duplooyxoxo!BabyRegistry-8 BabyRegistry-9 BabyRegistry-10 After our coffee date, we headed to Babies R Us to register. Our goal was to register there and also at Target, but we didn’t even finish registering at Babies R Us before becoming burnt out! We decided to register online, because it was just too stressful in the store. 
BabyRegistry-12 BabyRegistry-13 After we registered, we headed to Campania for a restaurant review. I cannot wait to share that post with you guys. Campania is now my all time favorite restaurant I’ve decided!

c-2 c-1

As if our day hadn’t been packed full of enough adventures already, we stopped by Kid to Kid after lunch. I wanted to check out their maternity clothes. I love all of the jeans my friend gave me, but I have really been wanting a pair of skinny jeans. I ended up finding skinny jeans, workout pants, and a pair of shorts, and I only paid $22.00! I love consignment shops!! IMG_5202

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

There is a little bump there!!IMG_5201

Shortly after we got home, Jared went mountain biking with his friend, so I decided to go for a walk since the weather was so nice! Jared let me try out his new bluetooth headphones, and I fell in love. Now I want a pair!!! I love that they are cordless!!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

On Sunday morning, we woke up [way too] bright and early and decided to go for a walk and watch the sunrise. It was so much fun. I loved starting my day with a brisk walk! (On a side note – I forgot to mention that on Thursday I got sick from something I ate, I think, and I had a pretty violent throw up episode. My face immediately turned RED RED RED and was covered with splotches. I had so many busted blood vessels. 😦 Anyway, the splotches and redness took 5 days to go away! Friday at work, my students were asking me if I was sunburnt. Haha! I say all this because in these photos, I’m not wearing any makeup, and you can see how red and splotchy my face is!!)
SundayMorning-1SundayMorning-4SundayMorning-3SundayMorning-5SundayMorning-2SundayMorning-6SundayMorning-7After our walk, we went grocery shopping for the week. I love grocery shopping early in the morning while the store is calm! Once we got home, we unloaded the groceries and got ready for a yummy breakfast. I made some breakfast potatoes, scrambled eggs, and toasted some english muffins. It made for a delicious breakfast!!!SundayMorning-8SundayMorning-9SundayMorning-10SundayMorning-11SundayMorning-12SundayMorning-13SundayMorning-14SundayMorning-15SundayMorning-16SundayMorning-17SundayMorning-18SundayMorning-19SundayMorning-21       After breakfast, we  got ready to head to my sister-in-law’s house for a visit. We love visiting their little family!

I snapped a quick picture to show off my new consignment store maternity skinny jeans, and also this goregous Rocks Box necklace!! Love love love it! Ignore the unmade bed…. 😛 We had yummy Publix subs for lunch, and then the guys wanted to watch the McGregor UFC fight. Jared realllllllly wanted McGregor to lose. I am so glad he did lose!!!! Haha. Jared was really into this fight! 😛     YUCK! Luckily Judah was asleep during the nasty fight. He looked so sweet when he woke up from his nap! Aww He’s just so cute!!  It was so nice and sunny when we left their house that we stopped at Starbucks to get a cold drink!! This was my first cold drink of the season! How exciting!! I love warm weather!!!

Starbucks-1Again, loving my Rocks Box necklace! 
Starbucks-3 Starbucks-4  Last night, we attempted to go to Ihop with our friends Kori and Jason for international  pancake day, but the wait was ridiculous!! We decided to go to Longhorn instead!   They gave us vouchers so that we can go get our free pancakes another day! Yay!!!

  Jared was very happy that we were eating dinner at Longhorn opposed to Ihop! Haha!

We took a couple pictures while we waited for our table.

Starbucks-5 Starbucks-6 Here’s an 18 week bump pic!!! It’s really there!!!!!!!! Starbucks-7

Kori and Jason brought their precious little 2-month old Miss Anniston to dinner. She didn’t love having her picture taken, but she was so pleasant at dinner! She is just a doll!!!Jared ordered a burger that he said was amazing!! I ordered the grilled chicken and strawberry salad; It was sooooooo good!! I need to try to make that salad at home!!  Aw, sweet girl!!  

And that wraps up this past week!! Today is day one of week 18, and next week we get to go for an ultrasound! I just can’t wait!!!!!!

I hope you all are having a fabulous day! It’s hump day!! That’s something to celebrate!!!

I’ll be back soon!





4 thoughts on “The 18th Week: Bundt Cakes, Maternity Clothes, Registry, and Pizza!

  1. cuuuuuuute! Your bump is totally there now! So exciting! And I’m so happy to hear that this has been an easy pregnancy for you (besides getting sick last week 😦

    I’m only 6 and a half weeks and have already been vomiting in the mornings. I feel nauseas ALL the time, and I have such intense fatigue I’m getting like 5,000 steps a day, compared to the 12,000 plus crossfit like I normally would. I feel so trapped in my body! And I hate to complain, because I’m so grateful for this pregnancy, but C’MON first trimester! I’m ready for it to be over!

    1. Oh no!!!!!!!!!! I’m so sorry that you’ve been sick! That sounds miserable!! I hope this firs trimester just flies by for you!! 😦 Just get lots of rest!!!! On the bright side, atleast you won’t gain 10 lbs in the first trimester like I did….Haha!!

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