Campania : Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am a huge pizza fan. Pizza is without a doubt my all time favorite food. When I fist tried Campania, located in Alpharetta, it was love at first bite. Yep, it’s true. I knew this place was truly something special.

Jared and I recently had to opportunity to eat at Campania and spend some time with Jennifer, the owner, and learn all about the history of the restaurant, the quality ingredients that are used, and try some incredible food!

Campania opened in 2012, and has been thriving ever since. One of the reasons the restaurant has done so well is due to the fact that they use such quality ingredients. I was amazed to hear that the vast majority of ingredients are imported from Italy, including the San Marzano tomatoes for the sauce!! Even the cheeses, such as the Mozzarella di Bufala, Fontina, Provolone, and Parmigiano Reggiano are imported from Italy!!

The pizzas are cooked in a huge brick oven that was imported from Italy. This oven reaches over 1,000 degrees fahrenheit, and cooks the pizzas in less than 60 seconds. In fact, it takes two minutes to prep and cook each pizza! It is a real art!!

Below are some photos of the huge brick oven which was hand crafted in Naples, Italy! 
Campania-2 Campania-3 Campania-5 Campania-6 We loved watching as the pizzas were prepared, each with unique toppings. This particular chef in the photos has worked at Campania nearly since it opened, and he has really mastered the art of pizza making! Campania-7 Campania-8Campania offers many unique dishes outside of pizza, one of them being the Panino. This is not the typical American panini that we are used to. To make this, pizza dough is placed in the oven with no toppings, and it forms this pocket which is pictured below. Next, it’s taken to the back, cut into two halves, and stuffed with meats, cheeses, and veggies. Can you imagine how delicious that must taste??! It’s basically a huge pizza pocket! Yum!
Campania-9 Campania-10 Campania-11 Campania-12 Campania-13 Campania-14Here is a Quattro Formaggi pizza, which is a four cheese pizza consisting of Fior-di-Latte mozzarella, ricotta, fontina, and Parmigiano Reggiano. There’s no such thing as too much cheese, am I right??
Campania-15 Campania-16 Campania-17Here the chef is in the process of making Arugula E Prosiutto pizza. This is a house favorite, and it contains Fior-di-Latte mozzarella & fontina, finished with arugula, cherry tomatoes, Prosciutto di Parma and shaved parmigiano.Campania-18 Campania-19 Campania-20 Campania-21 Campania-22 Campania-23 And this is the finished Arugula E Proscuitto. Perfection!Campania-24 Campania offers many salads as well. Campania-25 Campania-28 Campania-29 Campania-30 Campania-31 The day we went, Campania was featuring a Chicken Parmesan pizza. This pizza looked incredible!!! Here are some photos of this pizza being prepped.Campania-32 Campania-33 Campania-34 Campania-35 Campania-36 Campania-37 This is the finished Chicken Parmesan Pizza. YUM!!!! Campania-38 Campania-39 Look at this incredible meat and cheese plate! It’s called the Salumi E Formaggi Misti.  
Campania-41 Campania-42 Campania-43 Campania-44 Jared and I had the opportunity to start our meal with some meatballs! These aren’t your typical meatballs; These are homemade veal meatballs in a San Marzano Tomato Sugo. These were amazing!! They were so tender and packed with flavor. On the menu, these are called Vitello Alla Fattoria.  Campania-45 Campania-46 Campania-47 Campania-48 Campania-49 Pictured below is the Margherita DOP, which contains Pomodoro, Mozzarella di Bufala, parmigiano, fresh basil and extra-virgin olive oil. This pizza is so simple, yet so good. This is also a house favorite. Campania-51 Campania-52 Campania-53 Campania-54 Oh boy. This pizza below is the Salumi Mista, aka PERFECTION. Basically, this is the meat lover’s pizza! It contains Pomodoro, Italian sausage, Calabrese salami, Fior-di-Latte mozzarella, fontina and fresh basil. Jared and I shared this pizza and we were fighting over who got the bigger slices!! My mouth is watering thinking about this pizza. If you visit Campania, you must try this!!!Campania-55 Campania-56 Campania-57 Campania-58 Campania-59 Campania-60 Campania-61 Campania-62 Campania-63 I love the ambiance of the restaurant. It’s very relaxed, but also very classy. They have a fully stocked bar that is loaded with beer and also multiple Italian wines!! Campania-64 Campania-65 Campania-66 Jared and I also got to try the Tartufo pizza, which contains Fior-di-Latte mozzarella, fontina, pancetta, mushrooms, garlic, finished with fresh rosemary and truffle oil. This pizza is very simple and pure tasting, and has a strong truffle oil flavor. The pancetta adds a great flavor, and goes great with the mushrooms. The mushrooms are cooked inside the brick oven!! I loved this pizza!Campania-67 Campania-68 Campania-69 Campania-70 Campania-71 Campania-72 Campania-73 Campania-74 This little boy ordered the Salumi E Formaggi Misti for lunch; What a cutie!!Campania-75Pictured below is the Quattro Formaggi and the Margherita DOP.
Campania-76 Campania-77 These are the incredible tomatoes used to make the pizza sauce. These are very hard to come by, and they are imported from Italy. I love knowing that all of the ingredients used at Campania are such high quality. Campania-78 As previously mentioned, we got to eat devour the Salumi Mista, and it was just life changing. So so so good. When I go back, this is the pizza I will be ordering!! Campania-79 Campania-80 Campania-81 Campania-82 Oh, and I forgot to mention that Campania offers a variety of desserts, such as Tiramisu, Cannoli’s, and Gelato!! We tried the Cannoli, and it was amazing. I told the owner that we thought we had tried the “world’s best cannoli” in Little Italy, but now I disagree. This was the best cannoli I’ve ever had. The filling is made in house, and it is perfection. I really didn’t want to share this with Jared….I wanted it all for myself!! Campania-84 Campania-85 Campania-86 Campania-87 Campania-88 Campania-89 Campania-90 Campania-92We had the best time visiting Campania, and I am sure we will be back very soon!!!

Be sure to check out Campania’s website here and also “like” them on Facebook!! Let me know if you have the chance to go visit Campania for yourself! I would love to know what you ordered and to hear what you thought!!

Thanks for reading!! And a big thank you to the owner of Campania, Jennifer, for being such a wonderful host!



2 thoughts on “Campania : Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

  1. We love Compania and love that you captured our son eating his favorite dish. 🙂 Your photography really captures the moment.

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