19 Weeks Pregnant – My First Time Eating At Wildflour!

And just like that, I’m one week further into my pregnancy! I am 19 weeks today (Wednesday), and this past week has been a really great one! I am so wishing I could feel Beckham moving inside my belly…..My doctor said it may not be until 20 weeks that I can feel it, but I am anxiously awaiting it! Thursday I go for the anatomy ultrasound and I am so excited I could burst! I can’t wait to share all of the details with you guys! I decided I would start sharing more pregnancy related details in these posts, so here we go!

So, as of right now….

Symptoms: I have been really tired again. Usually around 4:00, right before my last class leaves, I am DEAD…Like, can’t stop yawning! Poor kids. I’ve been coming home and getting comfy immediately and plopping myself on the couch. Jared has been so so incredible – He’s taken over dish duty, cooking half of the time, and he forces me to relax, take baths, and just unwind after work.

Mood: Irritable. Yikes! Not toward Jared, thankfully, but toward everyone else. Haha. I also had one day this past week where I was super emotional. I felt like I could burst out into tears at any moment!

Cravings: Ice cream and pizza! Jared and I ate an entire carton of cookie dough ice cream this weekend and it was heavenly. I should probably feel guilty……but I don’t…Haha!

Weight gain: Speaking of ice-cream…..Yikes! I won’t know for sure until tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure I’m up 14 lbs at 19 weeks. That’s definitely higher than it should be, but I’m trying to not be too obsessed with weight gain and to just enjoy myself! Also, I’m just telling myself that atleast 5 lbs is coming from the sudden expansion of “the girls.” Holy cow!

Size of baby: As of today, Beckham is the size of a large mango and about 6 inches long.

Clothes: I found an amazzzzzing pair of skinny jeans that fit me like a glove at Old Navy this past weekend. I will link them hereI am wearing all my normal tops, but I wore an old pair of black skinny jeans this past weekend and I was miserable!! I won’t be wearing those again until after the baby! (maybe!)

Exercise: I have been doing decent!! I have exercised 6 days since March 1st, so that’s about an average of 3 times per week! I hope to increase that number, especially now that the weather is so nice! 

Looking forward to: OUR ULTRASOUND ON THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh! Can’t wait to see that little booger!!


Anyway, this week started out just like last week, with a nice afternoon walk with my mom! She’s the best walking buddy; We talk the entire time so our 3 miles always fly by! Here’s the bump! It looking pretty pudgy right now, but I’ll still take it! I am so excited to actually start looking pregnant!  We got to meet our adorable new nephew, Colton this past week. He was born 10 days early, and he weighed just over 6 lbs. He is cute as can be!!! His brother, Judah, loves him already! Colton-1Colton-2I just love baby feet!!!! 
Colton-4In case you missed my last post about my Milk & Baby pajamas, you can find it here! You can get 15% off of any Milk & Baby purchase by using the code duplooyduo.

MilkAndBaby-6I made some tasty banana muffins this weekend. Baking is my favorite!!! MilkAndBaby-16MilkAndBaby-17We conquered our weekly trip to the grocery store. What a blast! Just kidding. Neither of us enjoy it, but we love getting it over with!!   
Starbucks can make any grocery trip better! We had a fun outting on Saturday that consisted of lunch at Wildflour and some shopping! The weather was so nice!! Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetJared came across this adorable onsie at Old Navy and we just had to get it!!!! So cute!I found a great pair of black maternity dress pant capri’s at Old Navy, and they rang up at 87 cents! WHAAAT!!! 87 CENTS! Seriously!!! I couldn’t believe it! What a great find!
Now I get to tell you about our delicious Saturday afternoon lunch! We had the chance to visit Wildflour in Alpharetta for the very first time, and we fell in love. I can’t wait to tell you about all of the different things we tried! Wildflour-2Wildflour-4I’m so glad that Jared is always willing to try new restaurants with me! 
Wildflour-6Wildflour-9Wildflour-10Wildflour is a lunch spot known for the fresh ingredients and their sandwiches which are made on homemade bread!!! This sandwich below is called The Seinfeild, and it was my favorite thing that I tried at Wildflour! Everything was delicious, but this sandwich was so unique and full of flavor that I seriously just couldn’t believe it! Jared and I kept saying to each other, “Oh my gosh…………” Haha!! We may love good food too much. Wildflour-11This sandwich has chicken, a unique mushroom mix which can only be found at Wildflour, and melted cheese. Guys. It was unreal. The tomato bisque soup was incredible, too! It was so creamy!! I am a huge tomato bisque fan!! Wildflour-12Wildflour-18The house made slaw was super tasty!! It was so fresh and it had a great crunch to it! Wildflour-19

Pictured below is the Salmon Sandwich: I had never eaten a Salmon Sandwich before, but I decided it was a great invention after I tried this one!! The Scottish Salmon was so tender and full of flavor, and the horseradish sauce gave it a great kick! I reallllly enjoyed this sandwich!
Wildflour-22Wildflour-23This sandwich below was a special on the day we went, and it had fresh cod and scallops on it. Jared hogged this sandwich because he said it was the best fish sandwich he had ever had. He repeated that a few times that day, so I guess he really meant it!! He was sweet enough to let me snatch a couple bites, and I could see why he loved it so much!! The fish was just perfection!!Wildflour-24Wildflour-25We got to spend some time with the owner, Michael, and he was so great! He is soooo incredibly passionate about food that it’s no wonder all of his creations are so wonderful. 
Wildflour-26We were too full to eat anything else after lunch, but Michael packed us up a box of homemade treats to eat at home, and believe me, we ate them. All of them. Wow. Each pastry was delicious!
Wildflour-27Wildflour-1We had the best time at Wildflour and we know we will be back soon!! If you would like to check out the menu, you can find it here.

We were super lazy on Sunday and we stayed home the entire day. It was amazing. We got so much accomplished! I put away 4 loads of laundry AND washed all of our bedding! That’s a huge accomplishment because I despise putting away clothes!

We started the morning by watching church in bed. I just love that you can actually do that!
We made some yummy sandwiches for lunch.    My breast pump arrived!! Woo hoo! Jared asked if I was going to go ahead and try it out…………Uhh………No thanks! Haha! Ouch! Anyway, I think it’s so amazing that insurance covers these nowadays!   
The weather has been so so nice!! I am obsessed! I decided to sit outside and get some work done earlier this week.   
I treated myself to one of my favorite things on the planet: CHICKFILA LEMONADE!!! I just had to. I mean, when it’s so sunny and summery, you have to be drinking lemonade!!!

That wraps up this past week. I will be back super super soon to share more with you all! I have some incredibly cute maternity clothes to share with you guys, but I want to wait until I have a bigger bump! 🙂

Thanks so much for reading! I would love to hear from you guys, so please comment below if you would like to respond to these questions!

What is the best deal you’ve ever gotten while shopping? Anything close to my .87 cent capris at Old Navy?!

What was your favorite piece of clothing during your pregnancy? Did you have one item that you wore ALL the time?!



5 thoughts on “19 Weeks Pregnant – My First Time Eating At Wildflour!

  1. Emily,
    I have the same breast pump and I love it. It’s one of the best ones around. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and your journey of pregnancy. Maxi skirts were my go to during my entire pregnancy. They are so comfortable and I love them even when I’m not pregnant. I also had a Chambry dress that I wore a lot too. About a month ago at old navy I got a two long sleeve shirts that were on clearance that were each $1.99.

    1. Hey Kelley! I’m so happy to hear that you like the Medela pump! I am really hoping I have a good breastfeeding experience with it! I’m sure I will be living in maxi skirts this summer!! $1.99 is a pretty great deal for a shirt!! Old Navy sure does have some great deals! I need to shop their clearance section more often!!

  2. Oh my gosh! That wildflour food looks INCREDIBLE. I’m literally salivating. Yum.

    That is a fantastic breast pump! I had that one with Saylor! Come to think of it, it’s probably still at home in my closet in Georgia!

    As for the best deal I’ve gotten, I would have to say naked lady parties are the best. Have you heard of those? We have them a couple times a year here in Oregon where a large group of us lady friends get a bunch of our clothes together that we would otherwise donate, and we all congregate at someone’s house. We dump all of the clothes in a big pile, put on some music, bring some finger foods, and pick through the clothes. You find really cute stuff, and it’s free and recycled. Usually it’s stuff that is typically your style since friends tend to be somewhat like minded in clothing styles. Any of the stuff that is left over, the host of the party donates to a local women’s shelter. We call it naked lady party, because usually people end up getting in their undies to try on clothes to make sure they fit and what not. It’s so much fun!

    You are looking fantastic! And so is your Ma!!! She’s so beautiful!

    I know it’s never fun to see the scale go up, but I personally think it’s fantastic that you’re out and about enjoying your life, which includes eating some darn delicious food-especially when you’re pregnant!! You are within a normal gain range, and you are knowledgeable about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and will have no problem getting back to your prepreg body once lil Beckham is born.

    Looking forward to next week’s post!

    1. Casey! So good to hear from you! Wildflour WAS amazing! You should definitely try to grab a bite there during your GA visit! So glad to hear you liked the Medela Pump! I am “pumped’ about it! Haha!! I have never heard of that type of thing where you all get together and donate clothes to each other! What a brilliant idea!! I love it! I may need to start that up in my area!! Thanks for the encouragement regarding the weight gain! I definitely do love food…Haha. I am reminding myself that the weight will come off once he is here, so there’s no need to stress!! I just have to keep preaching to myself!! How are you feeling?? Hope you’re doing great!!!!

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