Your Pie – Build Your Own Pizza!!

You guys know I love me some pizza!! Jared and I discovered a new pizza place in Roswell called Your Pie, and I want to tell you all about it! This was the most unique pizza experience we have ever had, because we got to completely customize our pizzas! At most pizza places you are allowed to make substitutions, but I have never been somewhere that I could completely build my own pizza! Below is the pizza I created; It had white crust, marinara, fresh mozzarella, basil, pepperoni, sausage, and garlic. It was DELICIOUS!!YourPie-22YourPie-21Basically, Your Pie  is similar to a Subway type concept, where you get to choose from tons of ingredients and build your own dish!! At Your Pie, you are given so many options to choose from when it comes to building your pizza. However, if you are an indecisive person and that stresses you out, they also have many signature pizzas that you can choose from!

You are given a huge selection of sauces, cheese, vegetables, and meats to place on your pizza. Regardless of how many toppings you select, your pizza will be $7.99!! That’s a pretty great deal! YourPie-1 YourPie-2 The pizzas are cooked right before your eyes in this massive brick oven!YourPie-4 YourPie-5 YourPie-6 YourPie-8 YourPie-9 YourPie-10 YourPie-11 Your Pie also offers a great selection of craft beer. Jared loved learning about all of the local beers they had to offer, and he even tried some Reformation beer which was brewed right in Roswell!YourPie-12 YourPie-13 Oh boy! Don’t forget dessert!!! Your Pie offers a huge variety of gelato flavors, and you can sample them before you make your final decision! 🙂 YourPie-14 YourPie-15 YourPie-16 On the left is the pizza I created, and on the right is a signature pizza called The Nat which consisted of a basil pesto base, mozzarella, feta, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and chicken. Jared ordered this pizza, and I was so glad he did!! I tried a slice and it was amazing!! It tasted so fresh and unique! YourPie-17 YourPie-18 Isn’t pizza just so beautiful!?YourPie-20 YourPie-21 YourPie-22 YourPie-23YourPie-24 YourPie-27 YourPie-28 YourPie-29 After we enjoyed our pizzas, we tried some gelato! I tried the chocolate + cookies and cream, and Jared tried the salted caramel. They were both great!!YourPie-31 YourPie-32 Like my necklace in this picture? I am obsessed. It was in my latest Rocks Box! Try out Rocks Box and get your first month free by using the code duplooyxoxo.YourPie-33

We had such a great time at Your Pie, and we will definitely be back! I would love to go out for pizza at Your Pie with a large group of friends because it would be so easy for all of us to order exactly what we wanted. Typically when you go out for pizza with a group, someone has to compromise in order to split a pizza with the group, but not at Your Pie!!

Also, for all of your gluten free peeps, Your Pie offers a gluten free crust that is supposedly out of this world! They also offer non-dairy products that you can top your pizza with!

If you want to check out Your Pie on Facebook, you can find them here! Also, you can take a look at their menu and the lonnng list of ingredients that are offered here.

So here are my questions for you:

Have you ever eaten at Your Pie?? If so, what is your favorite thing to order?

What would your PERFECT pizza consist of? I think my perfect pizza would be cheese + cheese + cheese + cheese plus some pepperoni and sausage! 😛 


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