Figure 8 Maternity + The Best Day Ever!

This past Thursday was the best day ever! Want to know why? Because we got to go for our 20 week ultrasound (a couple days early) to check on our sweet boy! I had a countdown on my phone because I was so looking forward to this day! I had been dreaming of seeing his sweet little feet and his tiny profile for so long!

I knew we would be taking pictures to document this day, so I wore one of my new, most favorite maternity blouses ever from Figure 8 Maternity. The blouse I am wearing below is called the Anatonia Lace Blouse. It also comes in a really pretty pink color, too.  
Figure8Maternity-8There are so many things I want to order from Figure 8 Maternity, especially now that they have their new Spring collection in! I just love all of their dressesFigure8Maternity-10Figure8Maternity-11I love the lace details on the back of this blouse!Figure8Maternity-15I also love the fact that you can’t tell that this is a maternity shirt! You could wear this if you before, during, and after pregnancy!! 
Figure8Maternity-19Figure8Maternity-20The coolest and most unique thing about this shirt is that it has a built in zipper on each side so that you can breastfeed easily without having to take off your shirt or pull your shirt up. I can’t really appreciate this feature right now, but I know I will love it once Beckham is here and I’m nursing! Figure8Maternity-21

Figure 8 has lots of special deals going on right now, and you can find them all here

There are quite a few items on my Figure 8 Maternity Wish List. These are some of the things I just adore!!

I love this dress. It is so fresh and summery, and it looks so comfortable!! dress1I also really love this dress! I love the colors, and again, it looks so stinkin’ comfortable!! dress2I would love to have one of every piece of their workout line, too. Working out in non-maternity clothes is just so uncomfortable!! 

Now I will take a break from raving about Figure 8 Maternity, and I’ll show you some more ultrasound pictures! The doctor said that Beckham looks absolutely perfect and that his growth is right now track! She even said he had a beautiful heart! Awww.


He was so  incredibly active during the ultrasound; I couldn’t believe it! He would squish his legs up real tight, and then kick them out against my stomach! And every time the ultrasound tech pressed down on my belly, he would punch back! He seemed to be really irritated that she was messing with his personal space! 

I was so glad that Jared was able to go to this appointment with me. It was such an emotional experience!

After the ultrasound, we headed to one of my favorite places on the planet, THE FUDGE FACTORY!!! I just love this little shop! The sweet smell literally almost knocks me off of my feet every time I walk through those doors! That place is heaven!Figure8Maternity-1Figure8Maternity-2Figure8Maternity-3Figure8Maternity-4Figure8Maternity-6We couldn’t leave without some fudge to take home!! Figure8Maternity-30Figure8Maternity-31Happy mama!!Figure8Maternity-32

That wraps up the best day ever!! I loved everything about this day: The sweet sunshine, my adorable Figure 8 blouse, seeing our healthy baby, buying homemade fudge, and spending quality time with my man! It was perfect!!

Thanks for joining me for the best day ever!!

Now I have some questions for you!

What was your experience like when you went for your 20 week ultrasound? Were you nervous?!

Tell me about the best fudge you’ve ever eaten! 

Have you ever had a maternity shirt that had zippers on it to make nursing more convenient? Did you love it!?


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