20 Weeks Pregnant – Beckham’s First 5K!

Woahhhhh, I’m half way there!! (I’m singing living on a prayer as I type this!) Ah!! This has been the best week ever! I am 20 weeks today which is CRAZZZZY! 

So, as of right now….

Symptoms: Round ligament pain! Woah! I called the doctor to make sure everything was okay because I just started feeling this pain this week. It feels like a really tight kind of cramp/muscle pull in my lower abdomen. It’s on both sides, but mainly the right side. It’s a pretty weird feeling…I can almost feel my uterus expanding! Other than that, no real symptoms!

Mood: I’m a lot less grumpy and irritable than I was last week. I have been super cheery and excited ever since we got to see Beckham during the ultrasound this week. It became so so real.

Cravings: I really have just been super thirsty! I have asked Jared countless time to please get me some ice water. Haha. I guess wanting ice water is better than ice cream! Except I still want ice cream….

Weight Gain: Oh boy. As of 20 weeks, it’s 16 lbs! I was a little off in last week’s post. That’s okay, though. You know how they say you should gain between 30 and 35? Well I’ve decided that I’ll be one of those that gains closer to 40 and that’s gonna be just fine! 😛 I do have a friend who said she gained the majority of her weight in the first half of her pregnancy, so maybe I’ll be the same way. I doubt it, but one can hope!

Baby Size: Beckham is about 6.5 inches from head to toosh, and 10 inches from head to heel! Wow! 10 inches! That’s pretty long! My app says he’s the length of a banana, but how can they say that? Banana’s come in all different sizes!

Exercise: I’ve been walking walking walking and I have even been doing some C25K! (Nothing too serious). The program I did this morning had me run for 90 seconds, walk for 2 minutes, and repeat that 6 times. I really enjoyed it! Of course, Hart of Dixie makes it more enjoyable! 🙂

Looking Forward To: Having a noticeable bump all day! I only really have a bump after I’ve eaten a big meal, and that’s annoying. I feel like I still can’t wear tight shirts because it just looks like pudge! Jared says I should be thankful because having a big belly will probably be prettttty uncomfortable! But regardless, I want one!

So those are the main pregnancy updates for this past week!

Things are getting prettttty real, because this week we got our stoller!! Some friends of ours were selling their Bob Jogging Stroller because they were in need of a double stroller, so we decided to meet up for dinner and buy it from them! We love love love it! I cannot wait to plop Beckham in that thing and take him to the park!!
  Layne was sad to say goodbye, but I know she will love her Bob double stroller!! By the way, can you believe this gorgeous lady just had a baby 12 weeks ago?!?! She is a super woman!
  This is her newest addition, Cade; She has two precious little boys!! Being around them makes me soo excited to be having a boy!
  As I mentioned in my post on Monday, we got to go have our “20 week ultrasound” this past week. We were actually a couple days short of being 20 weeks, but my doctor said it was fine to do it a bit early. This was the most awesome day ever!

In the photos below, I am wearing a new maternity shirt from Figure 8 Maternity. I am obsessed with this shirt!!! I can’t really take advantage of it’s amazing-ness quite yet, but once Beckham is here, I will love wearing this shirt out and about because it has side zippers to make breast-feeding a breeze! You literally can unzip either side and breast feed without taking off your shirt! How amazing is that?

I also love this blouse because it isn’t so obvious that it’s a maternity top; You can wear this before getting pregnant, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy! I am all about efficiency and getting the best bang for my buck, so this shirt was a great find!! You can find this shirt here. I am wearing a size medium. 

Figure8Maternity-12 Figure8Maternity-23 Figure8Maternity-29 After the ultrasound, we stopped by one of our favorite spots: The Dahlonega Fudge Factory!! This place is the best. It smells like heaven when you walk in, and all of the treats are so beautiful! We got some peanut butter/chocolate fudge and also some cheesecake fudge. They were both delicious!!! Figure8Maternity-32

Shoo wee. With warm weather comes yard work. Jared mowed the grass this week and then did a workout right after; He was pooped. And hey, I know you are judging those weeds behind Jared! STOP IT!! We are going to take care of those things SOON! It’s on our list of things to do!My new Rocks Box came in the mail this week. I literally love every piece that was in this box! I immediately went and changed my outfit so that I could wear my new jewelry! You guys have to try this program! I am loving it!! You can get your first month for free by using the code duplooyxoxo!!!
These are the goodies that came in my box this time! My favorite piece is definitely the necklace! RocksBox-6 RocksBox-5 RocksBox-4 RocksBox-3We had a yummy pizza date at Your Pie and I decided to wear my new jewelry!YourPie-27We stopped by Pike’s Nursery afterward; I just love that place! Jared and I were talking about how it would be so peaceful to work there and hang out in the green area.
YourPie-37YourPie-38YourPie-39 Dang, we did some serious eating out this past week! Our schedules were just a  bit hectic and that’s just how it worked out! Haha! Anyway, we had a date a Taco Mac and we watched some March Madness. It was so much fun!  We love going out together!       This has got to be one of the best appetizers ever, and the healthiest! 😉 And you know what’s terrible/awesome, there was a coupon on our receipt for a FREE chips and queso appetizer next time we go back!!!   On Saturday, I participated in a 5K in Roswell with my friends Felicia and Jessica. We all walked together and had such a good time! I was amazed by all of the families that were at the race. I would love to be a fit mom who ran 5K’s with my kiddos!!     The bump showed up that day!!   
We went to Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby to test out some gliders. I found a few that I really liked at Babies R Us, now we just have to make a decision!This weekend we went out for some p-i-z-z-a with out friends! Pizza pizza pizza. I swear I don’t normally eat pizza this often, but I am not mad that it’s been happening so much lately!!

We were all stuffed after our delicious pizza from Campania!
After lunch, I definitely  had a bump!!   

That pretty much wraps up the 19th week of pregnancy! I have an appointment tomorrow to go over all of the ultrasound information and to do a 20-week checkup. I always love going and hearing all about our little man!

I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who have been following along during our pregnancy journey! I am amazed that you would even care enough to read, and I truly love hearing from you all! And I love that many of you have come to me to share your pregnancy news shortly after finding out because you felt comfortable enough! You guys are amazing!! I love sharing with you all, and I have some pretty neat things planned for the future!

Many of you have asked about how I got my breast pump for free through my insurance, so I was thinking of writing a post about it. Would you guys find that helpful? If so, let me know, I will try to get that post up soon!

Thanks again for reading!





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