21 weeks preggers – My thoughts on Chickfila’s Frosted Coffee

Holy smokes! I’m 21 weeks today! That is just nuts!! My app told me that Beckham is the size of a Piranha this week; That seems pretty big to me! This past week was really good, but really busy! It was so busy that I didn’t really take many photos. I did manage to squeeze in a few, so I will share those below. Here are this week’s pregnancy updates!

Symptoms: I haven’t really had any pregnancy symptoms this past week. The round ligament pain has gone away (for now) and I can’t think of any other symptoms that have been going on! I am still sleeping like a rock…No acid reflux or indigestion…I’m feeling pretty lucky! I feel pretty much normal, but normal with a gut! Haha!

Mood: I don’t know what word to put with this, but I just want to be home. Does that count as a mood?? This past week felt crazy. We had something to do or somewhere to go almost every night and all I wanted to do was be home!!!! This week we are spending a lot more time at home and I am so happy about that!

Cravings: None — Actually, nothing has been sounding good. We went to Cheesecake Factory this weekend with my family and nothing on the menu sounded good. Do you guys know how huge their menu is?? It’s huge! And nothing sounded good! I ended up just ordering what my cousin ordered because she said it was good, but I was disappointed that I didn’t really want any of it! Usually I have a hard time deciding because everything sounds so yummy!

Weight Gain: 17 lbs! I’m hoping I can just gain 1 lb per week from here on out, but we will see!!

Baby Size: As of today (day 1 of week 21) baby Beckham is 10.5 inches long and the size of a carrot. He’s getting big!! I still haven’t felt him, though!

Exercise: I did so great this past week! I’m feeling proud! Jared and I woke up and worked out together before work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of last week! We knew that our week nights were booked up so we wouldn’t have the chance to exercise after work, so we did it before work! I felt so proud of us! This week I have killed it with the yard work the past two nights, so I’m counting that as my exercise! 🙂

Looking Forward To: I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT TO FEEL BECKHAM MOVE INSIDE MY BELLY!!!! I am sooooo anxious!!! I keep telling myself, “Maybe tomorrow….” but then nothing!!! I am such an impatient person. God is always working on me. Haha.

Those are all the pregnancy updates for you this week! Hopefully next week I will be able to tell you that I am feeling baby kicks!!

So, like I said, this past week was cray-cray. We managed to squeeze in some QT in the midst of appointments and photo sessions, though! I love this man!

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

He is super sneaky and took this picture of me at an engagement session!

We got to have dinner with friends at Bocado! This was our first time at Bocado, and we were pleasantly surprised! Our burgers were super tasty!

Here’s a little 21 week bump action for you! 🙂


I ordered a cheese burger with bacon, and like I said, it was great!! The fries, however…..not so great! They were super greasy and didn’t seemed to be cooked through all the way. AND, they were the opposite of salted. They were like, negative salted. I thought all fries were supposed to be salted?! Haha! I would go back again for the burger, but I would definitely pass on the fries!


Aw, we had to have a little photo session at dinner! My friend Ronda is so beautiful!


We headed to PinkBerry after dinner for some froyo! It was deeeeelish!! All of us ordered the chocolate hazelnut froyo and it tasted like straight up Nutella! It was heaven!

I went to the doctor on Thursday to check up on our little guy! His heart rate was 147 and he was doing great!! My blood pressure was great and everything seems to be right on track! I would go to the doctor every week if I could; I love getting checkups on Beckham!

Jared got a new hair style this week; Isn’t it cute?!


Just kidding!!!! That was his before picture! Right before I chopped it all off and gave him this handsome haircut! 🙂

We finally got to try Chickfila’s new Frosted Coffee!! Yay! I have been wanting to try it for a while now! So, the verdict…..It was good, but not to die for. You guys know me…I’m a major foodie, so I’m a tough critic! The frosted coffee was good and I really did enjoy it, but I don’t see myself ordering it very often. I could see it being super refreshing on a hot summer day, but it really just reminded me of a melted frappaccino. It was very slush-like, and I was hoping for more of a thick, creamy consistency. I will have to order another one in the future and see if my opinion changes! I was a little let down, but maybe my expectations were just too high!?

Are you noticing a trend? This was definitely a “throw your hair up in a bun” kind of week. Haha! Every. Day.  

Oh boy! Nothing like a 5AM workout selfie! I was sporting my new Water Dash 5K t-shirt; I love it!! It’s so soft!

We captured the sweetest vow renewal at Montaluce Winery in Dahlonega this past week. I always love shooting events there because it is soooo gorgeous!!


My mom celebrated her birthday on Easter this year, so we went out for lunch the day before! One of her favorite places in The Cheesecake Factory, so that’s where we went! Unfortunately, we didn’t have the best experience there. We were told the wait would be 30 minutes for a party of 8, and it ended up being an hour and 45 minutes. It was a total bummer! They ended up giving us free drinks and free desserts, but even that wasn’t enough to make up for their poor service. It was a huge disappointment.

Despite all of that drama, I think my mom had a good birthday!! We didn’t take many photos, but here are a few!


Happy birthday, Mom!! We love you! 

Monday and Tuesday were not picture worthy – They both consisted of yard work and house chores! Haha! The weather was amazing so it was actually pretty enjoyable! But I didn’t take any photos at all! That never happens! I guess it’s cause I didn’t have my phone on me since I was working in the yard and wearing gloves!

The one picture I actually did take yesterday is this one below. I took this at work to send Jared. I feel like my bump is getting smaller! Is that even possible?!! I am so ready for that thing to just be big and bold! 😛

Anyway, that wraps up this past week! Next week is S P R I N G B R E A K and I could not be more excited!! It’s going to be a blast! I have some pretty neat things arranged that I will definitely be sharing on the blog. I’ll give you a hint…They consist of travel, maternity clothes, and new restaurants!! I can’t wait!

Also, if you aren’t following me on Instagram, you should be!! I am going to be sharing some important news on there soon! You can find me here!

So my question for you this week is this: Have you tried Chickfila’s new Frosted Coffee? If so, what did you think?? Did I just get a bad one!? I would love to hear your opinion!

Be back soon!




One thought on “21 weeks preggers – My thoughts on Chickfila’s Frosted Coffee

  1. Aw, yay!!!! Such cuteness galore. I’m glad to hear you are feeling great, and can totally relate to your feeling of wanting to be a home body, especially when life is soooo busy!! Between taking classes full time, working 20 hours a week, and actually trying to spend quality time with the family, it can be exhausting!!!!

    Weight gain has been a struggle for me. I’m at 144, and was hovering around 138 before. Blah! Hoping it’s just bloating and water weight?!?! Can’t be too sure. It seems to me the amount you have gained seems very normal, although I can relate to how hard it is to lose your tight, slim figure!!! Grrrr. Between extreme fatigue, being hungry allllllllllll the time and so many food aversions I feel like I’m currently a walking carb. My midwife made me feel a lot better, and said it’s very normal, and that second trimester should be way easier. Did you find yourself having more energy once you hit your second? My body looks normal except my midsection. It is just SO… girthy?? haha. Like, filled out. And it was looking soooooooo slim before 😦 Even my crossfit instructor was like, “aww, you look so normal standing up, but when you bend down for your deadlifts I can see your little belly pooch!” and I had to politely inform her that I’m just super bloated and that is is def not a baby bump. hahaha.

    ANNNYWAY, just trying to give myself grace and allow the excitement to outweigh the “negatives”.

    As always, I always look forward to your Wednesday posts!! I love them!!

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