April To Do List

And just like that, March is over! Wow! This past month really flew by! As you may remember from this post, I had picked five things to accomplish during the month of March. Did accomplish them all? Nope. Dang it!! I wish I had! I have honestly been so absent minded that I completely forgot about one of two of these goals! Anyway, here’s my March To Do List recap!

March To Do List Recap

1.Read Two Books – FAIL!! Major fail! I started a book and read about 20 pages and then didn’t pick it up again! What the heck!? I have been spending a lot of time on blog related things and baby related things, so I literally didn’t even think about reading! We shall try again next month!

2.Exercise Four Times Per Week – Okay, so looking back, I would say that four times per week was a pretty hefty goal! I did manage to get exercise at least three days each week during March, and for that I am proud! I’m not calling this one a fail because I am proud of how much I did do! 🙂 I had a lot of fun at the 5K I did this month. I hope to sign up for another one soon!

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3.Try a new restaurant – Yes! This happened! I mentioned in this post that Jared and I tried Your Pie for the first time and it was awesome!! I can’t wait to go back!


4.Complete baby registry – Done and done!! We registered at Babies R Us and Target and our registries are live if you would like to take a look! If you see that I forgot something that you think I will wish I had registered for, please let me know!! 

BabyRegistry-11 BabyRegistry-13

5.Get up to date in my pregnancy journal – FAIL!! This was one of those things that I wrote about during my March To Do List post and then didn’t think about again until…..today. Haha. Woops!! I really have been so scatter brained lately! It must be due to the pregnancy, right?!

April To Do List:

1.Work on as much of the nursery as possible! – So, I would rather make this goal say “Complete Nursery” but there are some things that we have registered for so I won’t be getting them until the summer. Some of those things include the crib bedding and changing pad, which play a huge role in the nursery! Some things that we can do this month are: Purchase crib, install ceiling fan, hang book shelves, add wall decals, organize/label dresser drawers, hang pictures, order glider, pick out lamps, hang curtains! I can’t wait to get these things done!!! This is the crib bedding we’ve registered for; I think it’s so cute!! pTRU1-23061178_alternate1_enh-z6

2.  Find a great pair of black maternity skinny jeans. – This is my mission! I went in Motherhood Maternity today and found a great pair, but they were $45.00! I don’t really want to spend that much, so I’m going to keep looking! I will let you guys know what I find! Black skinny jeans are my go to, so I need a pair to wear during this pregnancy!citizens-of-humanity-blue-jeans-maternity-avedon-skinny-in-star-product-1-16323267-0-212160783-normal

3.Try at least one new recipe. – This is pretty self-explanatory. I need to start cooking more, so this is a great goal. We have been eating lots of breakfast for dinner or having smoothies for dinner because I am just not in the mood to cook!

4.Read Two Books (1 baby related and 1 novel) – So, we’re going to try this again! I have a huge stack of baby books that I want to read before Beckham gets here, so I need to start making a dent! Hopefully this goal won’t be a “fail” this time around! 🙂

5.Schedule next hair appointment! – Why is this something I always put off?? I don’t really know. I’m not one of those girls that loves to get my hair done. In fact, when I’m at the salon, my mind is usually racing just thinking about all of the other things I could be getting done instead of sitting in that chair! (Even though I LOVE my stylist, Brittany!) Anyway, I typically get my hair done every 4 months because I like the super blonde look and I also like the more natural look my hair gets when I have dark roots. With that being said, my last appointment was at the very beginning of February, so I should have another appointment scheduled at this point, and I don’t. I need to schedule an appointment for the end of May so that my hair is nice and fresh for all of my baby showers!! (I am SOO excited about my baby showers, btw!!) 



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6. Pick one week this month to go Paleo!! (Mon-Fri) – This is a big goal and I’m putting in on the blog for extra accountability! I think it would be a great reset if we picked a week to follow the Paleo diet, just Monday through Friday. I think we will probably try during the 3rd week in April! I will let you guys know!! I love the way I feel when I eat Paleo, so I want to try it again this month!

Those are my 6 to-do’s for April. I am hoping to conquer them all!

Thanks for reading!




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