23 Weeks Pregnant + A Special Announcement!

Hi friend! I have some huge news!!! Do you want to hear it? Okay, I’ll tell you! This is the last blog post you will see on Duplooyduo! Don’t be sad though; It’s because Jared and I have been working realllllly hard on rebranding my blog for a while now, and we are finally ready to go LIVE!! Yay yay yay! I have been awaiting this day for so long! I am absolutely in love with the new site, and I think you guys will love it too! The blog will have a brand new name and a brand new layout! I can’t wait to share it with you guys! It will be live on Monday!

Don’t forget that the PinkBlush giveaway ends tomorrow!! PinkBlush sells both maternity and non-maternity clothing, so everyone should enter! It is so easy to enter! All you have to do is follow me on instagram (@emilyduplooy), follow @PinkBlushMaternity on instagram, and then comment and tag a friend on the giveaway picture on instagram! Each comment with one tagged friend = 1 entry. The winner will be announced Thursday at 10 pm, and the giftcard will be mailed out within 24 hours!!

So now for my 23 week update!

Symptoms: Heartburn! It comes at the most random times, but when it comes, it’s brutal. Luckily it never lasts long if I have tums nearby. The only problem is that is despise tums and they are starting to make me gag! I have also been extremely tired the past two days. Maybe it’s because vacation just ended and I’ve had to get back into my regular routine, but dang, it’s been rough!! I’ve been feeling very zombie-like, which is not fun at all!

Mood: A little worried……….I don’t know why I do this to myself, worry over things that I’m sure don’t matter….but I get worried because I’m still not feeling any movement. I know I have an anterior placenta so typically movement is felt later, but c’mon, I’m 23 weeks! Everything I read online says you typically feel movement around 20-21 weeks with an anterior placenta, so it’s beginning to worry me. I know I shouldn’t let it, but it does bother me. Y’all say a little prayer that Beckham starts making his movement known for me! 🙂 

Cravings: None! We have been eating Paleo this week and I have felt great! Shockingly, I haven’t had any cravings! My body has been beggggging me to start eating healthier, so I am feeling awesome!

Baby size: He is more than 11 inches long and weighs just over a lb. Supposedly he is the size of a large mango!

Exercise: I did not do good this past week since we were on vacation! We had planned to go for morning runs while in Asheville, but we had no idea it would be so stinkin’ cold!!

Looking forward to: Finishing the nursery! That’s right! The nursery is almost complete! We worked so hard this weekend to make it happen, and I absolutely love it!! I cannot wait to share pictures once it is all done!

I have a couple more iPhone pictures to share from our Asheville trip. Next week I will begin our Asheville Trip 3-Part Series with lots of great photos. I can’t wait!

Here’s a selfie after our amazing Jamaican dinner at Nine Mile. I adore this PinkBlush dress!

 We made a pit stop after dinner at Old Europe for some dessert. We took it back to the hotel and it was so delish!

 Our room at The Bunn House had a Nespresso machine, and we had so much fun making drinks with it!

This picture represents a couple things: 1. My love for Chickfila. 2. My love for Chickfila’s sweet tea. I never order it because it has so much sugar in it, but I ordered one on our trip since it was a total splurge vacation, and it was heaven! I savored it!! I took this selfie for my mom because we are so similar – Every time she orders a tea from Chickfila she savors it and sips on it allllll day! (Also, I was making a bit of a sad face because I had just gotten sick on the trip and thrown up…It was the most random thing ever! But the tea really helped!)

 I cannot wait to share more details about The French Broad Chocolate Lounge in the posts to come. I fell in love with this place!

 I also can’t wait to tell you about our amazing stay at The Bunn House. This was the most incredible hotel I have ever stayed at! It’s a boutique hotel and they only have 5 rooms; We felt like royalty!!

This breakfast at Over Easy Cafe was the jackpot. Soooo unreal. Again, more details to come! 

Can you tell I love omelettes? This breakfast at Sunny Point Cafe was perfection! This was my first pimento cheese omelette, and it was amazing!

 I loved adventuring around Asheville with Jared. He is so fun to travel with!

We got home this weekend, and we knew it was time to conquer the nursery! We woke up earllllly on Saturday morning and headed out to do some shopping for the nursery. First stop, BB’s for breakfast!! We went all out last week since we knew we were beginning Paleo on Monday. Haha! This is probably my favorite breakfast on the planet. I’m not kidding!  

 Jared was pooped by the end of our shopping day! He was such a trooper!

 I just can’t handle how precious these tiny diapers are. Is Beckham really going to be that small?!?!?

We took a break from working in the nursery to head over to our neighbor’s house for a surprise birthday party!! We had a great time!

Another task we had to complete for the nursery was hemming the curtains! I whipped out my mom’s sewing machine and knocked it out. It actually wasn’t as difficult as I had anticipated!  

Sunday consisted of grocery shopping, meal prepping, lesson planning, house cleaning, and blog strategizing. It was a busy but productive day! We got all of our Paleo breakfasts and lunches prepped for the entire week! We were so busy that we didn’t really eat anything all day. (That never happens, btw!) We decided to have one last hoorah before we started Paleo, so we chose deep dish pizza. It’s just so so so good.

We gave Tori a bath! (Tori the Touareg…My baby!)

Here’s the fridge once our meal prepping was all done! Jam packed!

 I adore these Kendra Scott earrings that came in my latest RocksBox! Don’t forget you can sign up to get your first month of RocksBox for FREE by using the code duplooyxoxo.

  I reallllly love this bracelet that came in the most recent box. I don’t want to take it off!!

 We made some super yummy fajitas that were totally Paleo friendly!!

 You may remember in my 22 week post when I wrote about my new Ellovi products…Well, I’m still obsessed, nothing has changed! BUT, now I have a coupon code for you!!! Yay! You can get 20% off of your Ellovi purchase by using the code duplooyduo. I’m not sure if I love the lip butter or the body butter more….But I have been applying the body butter to my bump every night, and I swear my skin has gotten SO soft! And I LOVE the way it smells!!!Ellovi-1

That pretty much wraps up week 23. I will not be posting again until Monday, and it will be on the NEW website! Eeeeek! I am so excited!!

Don’t forget to go enter to win the $75 PinkBlush gift card!!!!!

I hope you have a great week and a fabbbbbulous weekend!

I  received free product to review from PinkBlush, Ellovi, and RocksBox. All opinions are 100% my own.


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